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  1. ballot
    a document listing the alternatives that is used in voting
    Also on the statewide ballot are bonds and a constitutional amendment that deals with the state pension program.Seattle Times (Nov 5, 2017)
  2. candidate
    a politician who is running for public office
    Fairfax is a former federal prosecutor and the only African-American statewide candidate.Seattle Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  3. citizen
    a native or naturalized member of a state
    This last cause alone should be enough to bestir citizens to the polls.Washington Post (Nov 5, 2017)
  4. constituent
    a citizen who is represented in a government by officials
    Three hours west of Chicago, in a district Trump won, Bustos meets regularly with her constituents at “supermarket Saturdays”.The Guardian (Nov 6, 2017)
  5. district
    a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
    Voters will weigh in on nearly 3,000 local races, including city council, fire district and school district races.Washington Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  6. elect
    choose by a vote for an office or membership
    In our minds, vigilance to identification of opportunities for improvement, whatever the issue, is something all of us should expect of elected leaders.Washington Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  7. election
    vote to select the winner of a position or political office
    A simple majority of 262 registered voters will decide the election.Seattle Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  8. incumbent
    the official who holds an office
    But that election, she notes, followed a redistricting which diminished many of the advantages held by incumbents.Los Angeles Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  9. legislation
    the act of making or enacting laws
    But those two pieces of legislation are basically stalled.Washington Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  10. nomination
    the act of officially naming a candidate
    On Friday, candidates for the nomination spoke to Cook County Democrats in hopes of earning their support.Seattle Times (Nov 3, 2017)
  11. ordinance
    an authoritative rule
    There’s also more permitting, federal regulations on exotic animals, as well as new state laws and local ordinances banning circus animals.Seattle Times (Nov 4, 2017)
  12. petition
    a formal request that something be submitted to an authority
    Voters signed petitions to put both questions on the ballot.Seattle Times (Nov 4, 2017)
  13. recall
    the act of removing an official by petition
    They cynically claim they’re attempting to recall him for his vote in favor of the gas tax, as if he committed treason.Seattle Times (Nov 1, 2017)
  14. referendum
    a legislative act referred for approval to a popular vote
    If voters in Falls Church approve a $120 million bond referendum, George Mason High School will be replaced.Washington Post (Nov 5, 2017)
  15. representative
    a person who stands in for others
    Just over one-quarter, 26 percent, say they want to reelect their representative in Congress.Washington Post (Nov 5, 2017)
  16. responsibility
    the social force that binds you to a course of action
    Puigdemont said the people should continue to defend their new republic peacefully and “with a sense of civic responsibility.”Washington Post (Oct 28, 2017)
  17. right
    an abstract idea of that which is due by law or nature
    The right to treatment is based on residency, not on your tax status.BBC (Oct 26, 2017)
  18. statute
    an act passed by a legislative body
    Lawmakers passed the statute in May, hoping to prevent collisions caused by a congested left lane and reduce road rage.Seattle Times (Oct 30, 2017)
  19. vote
    a choice made by counting people in favor of alternatives
    A board vote on Lynnwood Link’s final budget and schedule is expected next summer.Seattle Times (Nov 6, 2017)
  20. majority
    more than half of the votes in an election
    A Republican-led coalition currently holds a one-vote majority in the Senate, while Democrats control the state House and the governor’s office.Seattle Times (Nov 4, 2017)

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