Words for Father's Day: What Fathers Do

Celebrate the love and support fathers provide to their children with this list of wonderful words.

Then read Richard Wilbur's portrait of a father's feeling for his child here.

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. beget
    generate children
    For better or for worse, an active government begets lobbying activity.New York Times (Jun 6, 2012)
  2. generate
    bring into existence
    Mr. Dare’s article generated a vigorous response, including nearly 400 comments.New York Times (Jun 8, 2012)
  3. elevate
    raise from a lower to a higher position
    However, Bolling’s profile has been elevated in recent months because he presides over an equally divided state Senate.Washington Post (May 6, 2012)
  4. nurture
    provide with nourishment
    At the very least, it explains why he runs a company involved in nurturing raw talent.
  5. promote
    assign to a higher position
  6. recruit
    seek to employ
    He recruited a team of 40 friends, who helped him quickly put up the poster — reduced to 60 easily copied pages — all over the city.New York Times (Jun 4, 2012)
  7. support
    the activity of supplying with money or necessities
    Chris Yianni supported by the charity Kids Company, working on his as yet untitled artwork for the Royal Academy.
  8. maintain
    keep in a certain state, position, or activity
    Stronger arms help lift groceries, carry children, complete household chores, and maintain a beautiful garden.
  9. champion
    protect or fight for
    He was a long time champion of book culture and reading.Salon (Jun 6, 2012)
  10. provide
    give something useful or necessary to
    The company said the plan should provide a net $80 million a year in reduced operating costs.Forbes (Jun 8, 2012)

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