25 Ways of Walking

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  1. amble
    walk leisurely
    Nearby, an elderly couple amble along, her arm in his.New York Times (Oct 20, 2011)
  2. careen
    move at high speed and in an uncontrolled way
    Bryant was trying to grab a pass when he careened out of bounds.Seattle Times (Dec 22, 2011)
  3. falter
    move hesitatingly, as if about to give way
    He gives no hint of faltering and drawing back.Beardslee, Clark S.
  4. flounder
    move clumsily or struggle to move, as in mud or water
    Simple, blundering men who had floundered around trying to horn in.Hecht, Ben
  5. limp
    walk impeded by some physical injury
    Paul limped off after hitting a jumper in the final minutes.Seattle Times (Jan 15, 2012)
  6. lumber
    move heavily or clumsily
    “Here I am lumbering along to catch up, while she has so much energy,” Walker says.
  7. lurch
    move suddenly or as if unable to control one's movements
    In television series like “The Walking Dead” and video games like Zombie Panic, lurching corpses swarm the land, feasting on flesh.New York Times (Jan 13, 2012)
  8. meander
    move or cause to move in a winding or curving course
    Just when I thought we had you meandering away from here, Lefty, you turned right round and came back.Standish, Burt L.
  9. parade
    march in a procession
    Former players paraded through his living room for the chance to say hello.
  10. prowl
    move about in or as if in a predatory manner
    Hightower said he believed trouble began with a few stray dogs prowling the area, but neighboring pets left free to roam soon joined the fray.
  11. ramble
    move about aimlessly or without any destination
    We went ashore immediately, procured horses, and, having found our friends, rambled over the city, viewing the numerous public buildings by which it is adorned.Bourne, Benjamin Franklin
  12. saunter
    walk leisurely and with no apparent aim
    In June, some flights were delayed at Kennedy when about 100 turtles, seeking a place to lay their eggs, sauntered across a runway.New York Times (Dec 4, 2011)
  13. skulk
    move stealthily
    Judas, smitten already with remorse, skulks along clutching his bag of silver.Bailey, Henry Turner
  14. somnambulate
    walk in one's sleep
    Poor down-pressed brother mortal; somnambulating so pacifically in Sleepy Hollow yonder, and making no complaint!Carlyle, Thomas
  15. stagger
    walk with great difficulty
    He staggered but recovered himself again, and running a few yards farther dropped into a thicket, and wriggled under it on his hands and knees.Bindloss, Harold
  16. stalk
    walk stiffly
    Abruptly he stalked on, humming to himself—a curious-looking being, with his painted face and dazed eyes under the broad-brimmed hat.Hornibrook, Isabel
  17. stride
    walk with long steps
    Solemnly, with long strides, armor glistening, sword clanking, helmet in hand, the Swan Knight advanced and stood before the King.Bender, Millicent Schwab
  18. stroll
    walk leisurely and with no apparent aim
    As Franco finishes speaking, Bradley casually strolls in, freshened up after playing in a 5-0 demolition of a local fifth division team.New York Times (Jan 19, 2012)
  19. strut
    walk in a proud, confident way
    People were all alike, no matter how they strutted or posed.Hecht, Ben
  20. stumble
    miss a step and fall or nearly fall
    I stumbled across the room, my limbs growing heavier every moment.Mason, A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley)
  21. swagger
    walk with a lofty proud gait
    Goodman said the dance had "elements of Jagger, swagger and stagger."Seattle Times (Sep 20, 2011)
  22. totter
    move without being stable, as if threatening to fall
    The rising fumes seemed to affect my head more than usual in that confined space, and I tottered a little as I worked.Allen, Grant
  23. trudge
    walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud
    He descried the younger thief trudging on slowly with his cow.Day, Lal Behari
  24. waddle
    walk unsteadily
    Some workers’ legs swelled so much they waddled.New York Times (Jan 25, 2012)
  25. wade
    walk through relatively shallow water
    For a moment he was seen walking on jammed logs, alternately wading through shallow places, and then he was lost in the darkness.Gordon, Harry
Created on January 27, 2012 (updated January 28, 2012)

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