1. wardress a woman warder
  2. fortress a fortified defensive structure
  3. wordiness boring verbosity
  4. word stress the distribution of stresses within a polysyllabic word
  5. wordless expressed without speech
  6. free press a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology
  7. word processor an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer
  8. winepress a press that is used to extract the juice from grapes
  9. oppress come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority
  10. repress conceal or hide
  11. hard-pressed facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty
  12. drop press device for making large forgings
  13. word class one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context
  14. word sense the accepted meaning of a word
  15. overdress put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive
  16. red brass brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tint
  17. rotary press a printing press for printing from a revolving cylinder
  18. word processing rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing
  19. wordplay a humorous play on words
  20. depress push down

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