A windbreaker is a lightweight jacket that keeps you feeling comfortable on a breezy day. You might want to grab your windbreaker before that boat ride — it gets chilly out on the water!

The word windbreaker has been around since at least 1918, although originally it described a leather shirt worn as a wind-resistant layer. In some English-speaking places, it's more common to use the word windcheater. Today's windbreaker, generally made of light, synthetic materials, has evolved from wool or cotton versions that were popular in the mid-20th century. In fact, the John Rissman Company trademarked the word in the 1940s, calling their gabardine jacket "the only genuine Windbreaker."

Definitions of windbreaker
  1. noun
    a kind of jacket that protects you from the wind
    synonyms: anorak, parka, windcheater
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    lightweight parka; waterproof
    ski jacket, ski parka
    a parka to be worn while skiing
    type of:
    a short coat
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