A parka is an insulated, waterproof coat with a hood. Before you head out on a winter camping trip in Canada, you'll want to make sure your parka is warm enough.

Parkas are designed to block the wind and keep you warm — they are often lined with fur or another plush, cozy material. The earliest version of the parka was invented by Canadian Inuits, using caribou or seal skin and fur, and coated with fish oil to make it waterproof. Parka is an Aleut word that means "animal skins," and it's also used in Russian to mean "a jacket made from a pelt."

Definitions of parka

n a kind of heavy jacket (`windcheater' is a British term)

anorak, windbreaker, windcheater
lightweight parka; waterproof
ski jacket, ski parka
a parka to be worn while skiing
Type of:
a short coat

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