Other forms: willows

A willow is a tree with long, flexible branches and very small leaves. If you're looking for a picnic spot, the wide, green canopy of a willow provides great shade on a hot summer day.

Most willow trees grow near water or in damp locations, as their roots soak up great quantities of moisture and can be used to protect the banks of rivers and streams from erosion. Willow branches are also commonly woven together to make baskets. A "weeping willow" has distinctive, graceful branches that curve down toward the ground.

Definitions of willow
  1. noun
    any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix
    synonyms: willow tree
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    any of various willows having pliable twigs used in basketry and furniture
    Huntingdon willow, Salix alba, white willow
    large willow tree of Eurasia and North Africa having greyish canescent leaves and grey bark
    Salix alba sericea, Salix sericea, silky willow, silver willow
    North American willow with greyish silky pubescent leaves that usually blacken in drying
    Salix alba caerulea, cricket-bat willow
    Eurasian willow tree having greyish leaves and ascending branches
    Salix arctica, arctic willow
    low creeping shrub of Arctic Europe and America
    Babylonian weeping willow, Salix babylonica, weeping willow
    willow with long drooping branches and slender leaves native to China; widely cultivated as an ornamental
    Salix blanda, Salix pendulina, Salix pendulina blanda, Wisconsin weeping willow
    hybrid willow usually not strongly weeping in habit
    Salix discolor, pussy willow
    small willow of eastern North America having greyish leaves and silky catkins that come before the leaves
    any of several Old World shrubby broad-leaved willows having large catkins; some are important sources for tanbark and charcoal
    Salix amygdaloides, almond-leaves willow, peach-leaved willow, peachleaf willow
    willow of the western United States with leaves like those of peach or almond trees
    Salix candida, hoary willow, sage willow
    North American shrub with whitish canescent leaves
    Salix fragilis, brittle willow, crack willow, snap willow
    large willow tree with stiff branches that are easily broken
    Salix humilis, prairie willow
    slender shrubby willow of dry areas of North America
    Salix herbacea, dwarf willow
    widely distributed boreal shrubby willow with partially underground creeping stems and bright green glossy leaves
    Salix cinerea, gray willow, grey willow
    Eurasian shrubby willow with whitish tomentose twigs
    Salix lasiolepis, arroyo willow
    shrubby willow of the western United States
    Salix lucida, shining willow
    common North American shrub with shiny lanceolate leaves
    Salix nigra, black willow, swamp willow
    North American shrubby willow having dark bark and linear leaves growing close to streams and lakes
    Salix pentandra, bay willow, laurel willow
    European willow tree with shining leathery leaves; widely naturalized in the eastern United States
    Salix pyrifolia, balsam willow
    small shrubby tree of eastern North America having leaves exuding an odor of balsam when crushed
    Salix repens, creeping willow
    small trailing bush of Europe and Asia having straggling branches with silky green leaves of which several varieties are cultivated
    Salix sitchensis, Sitka willow, silky willow
    small shrubby tree of western North America (Alaska to Oregon)
    Salix tristis, dwarf gray willow, dwarf grey willow, sage willow
    willow shrub of dry places in the eastern United States having long narrow leaves canescent beneath
    Salix uva-ursi, bearberry willow
    dwarf prostrate mat-forming shrub of Arctic and alpine regions of North America and Greenland having deep green elliptic leaves that taper toward the base
    Salix alba vitellina, Salix vitellina, golden willow
    European willow having greyish leaves and yellow-orange twigs used in basketry
    Salix caprea, florist's willow, goat willow, pussy willow
    much-branched Old World willow having large catkins and relatively large broad leaves
    Salix amygdalina, Salix triandra, almond willow, black Hollander
    Old World willow with light green leaves cultivated for use in basketry
    Salix purpurea, basket willow, purple osier, purple willow, red osier, red willow
    Eurasian osier having reddish or purple twigs and bark rich in tannin
    Salix viminalis, common osier, hemp willow, velvet osier
    willow with long flexible twigs used in basketry
    type of:
    a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
  2. noun
    a textile machine having a system of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibers
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    type of:
    textile machine
    a machine for making textiles




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