1. withering any weakening or degeneration
  2. watering wetting with water
  3. wild orange small flowering evergreen tree of southern United States
  4. outrange have a greater range than (another gun)
  5. derange throw out of mental balance; make insane
  6. dude ranch a holiday resort offering ranch activities
  7. free-range of livestock and domestic poultry
  8. estrange remove from customary environment or associations
  9. widening an increase in width
  10. red-orange of orange tinged with red
  11. citrange more aromatic and acidic than oranges
  12. strange unusual or out of the ordinary
  13. utterance the use of spoken sounds for auditory communication
  14. sweet orange probably native to southern China
  15. wide-ranging including much
  16. arrange put into a proper or systematic order
  17. rifle range a range where people can practice shooting rifles
  18. water gauge gauge for indicating the level of water in e.g. a tank or boiler or reservoir
  19. orange any citrus tree bearing oranges
  20. hydrangea any of various deciduous or evergreen shrubs of the genus Hydrangea

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