1. appendage a part that is joined to something larger
  2. append fix to; attach
  3. whipping boy someone who is punished for the errors of others
  4. appointee a person who is appointed to a job or position
  5. whoop it up celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking
  6. appointive relating to the act of appointing
  7. abandon forsake; leave behind
  8. open door freedom of access
  9. appointed selected for a job
  10. appendix a small sac attached to the large intestines of some animals
  11. appoint assign a duty, responsibility, or obligation to
  12. pent-up characterized by or showing the suppression of impulses or emotions
  13. open shop a company whose workers are hired without regard to their membership in a labor union
  14. opened not sealed or having been unsealed
  15. open up cause to open or to become open
  16. ebonite a hard nonresilient rubber formed by vulcanizing natural rubber
  17. whip hand position of advantage and control
  18. open-eyed carefully observant or attentive
  19. weaponed carrying weapons
  20. abient characterized by avoidance or withdrawal