To be appointed is to be given a task or job. If you're appointed as the week's doughnut fetcher at work, it means you've been assigned the job of bringing treats for everyone.

You might be appointed for a small duty or for a large promotion, as when the gym teacher at school is unexpectedly appointed principal. Another way to use the adjective appointed is to mean "well furnished." Lovely homes and fancy hotels are often described as "well appointed" or "luxuriously appointed.

Definitions of appointed
  1. adjective
    selected for a job
    “the one appointed for guard duty”
    appointed to a post or duty
  2. adjective
    subject to appointment
    synonyms: appointive
    nominated, nominative
    appointed by nomination
    non-elective, nonelected, nonelective
    filled by appointment rather than by election
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    elected, elective
    subject to popular election
    relating to or composed of electors
    filled by popular election rather than by appointment
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  3. adjective
    fixed or established especially by order or command
    “"at the time appointed (or the appointed time")”
    synonyms: decreed, ordained, prescribed
    established or decided beyond dispute or doubt
  4. adjective
    provided with furnishing and accessories (especially of a tasteful kind)
    “a house that is beautifully appointed
    equipped, furnished
    provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority)
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