Definitions of wattle
  1. noun
    a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards
    synonyms: lappet
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    type of:
    caruncle, caruncula
    an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds
  2. noun
    framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence
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    type of:
    a structure supporting or containing something
  3. noun
    any of various Australasian trees yielding slender poles suitable for wattle
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    Acacia auriculiformis, black wattle
    Australian tree that yields tanning materials
    Acacia cambegei, gidgee, stinking wattle
    scrubby Australian acacia having extremely foul-smelling blossoms
    Acacia dealbata, mimosa, silver wattle
    evergreen Australasian tree having white or silvery bark and young leaves and yellow flowers
    Acacia pycnantha, golden wattle
    shrubby Australian tree having clusters of fragrant golden yellow flowers; widely cultivated as an ornamental
    type of:
    any of various spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Acacia
  4. verb
    build of or with wattle
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    type of:
    build, construct, make
    make by combining materials and parts
  5. verb
    interlace to form wattle
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    type of:
    enlace, entwine, interlace, intertwine, lace, twine
    spin,wind, or twist together
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