To interlace is to weave, tangle, or twist things together. When you hold hands with someone, the two of you interlace your fingers.

When you do sit ups, you interlace your fingers behind your neck and bend your knees, and if you learn how to make a basket, you'll interlace strips of rattan reeds or willow branches. You can also use this adjective to mean "intersperse," as when you write a short story and attempt to interlace dialogue between paragraphs describing the action. Interlace combines inter-, "between" and the verb lace, "fasten, entwine, or braid."

Definitions of interlace
  1. verb
    spin, wind, or twist together
    synonyms: enlace, entwine, intertwine, lace, twine
    make by twisting together or intertwining
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    undo what has been twined together
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    wind, wreathe
    form into a wreath
    interlace to form wattle
    plash, pleach
    interlace the shoots of
    knot, ravel, tangle
    tangle or complicate
    join by interweaving strands
    join during spinning
    type of:
    distort, twine, twist
    form into a spiral shape
  2. verb
    hold in a locking position
    synonyms: interlock, lock
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    type of:
    hold, take hold
    have or hold in one's hands or grip
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