wash up

washed up; washing up; washes up

Definitions of wash up
  1. verb
    wash one's face and hands
    synonyms: lave
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    type of:
    freshen, freshen up, refresh, refreshen
    become or make oneself fresh again
  2. verb
    wash dishes
    “I cook and my husband washes up after dinner”
    synonyms: do the dishes
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    type of:
    clean, make clean
    make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from
  3. verb
    carry somewhere (of water or current or waves)
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    type of:
    carry, channel, conduct, convey, impart, transmit
    transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
  4. verb
    be carried somewhere by water or as if by water
    “The body washed up on the beach”
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    type of:
    come into sight or view
  5. verb
    wear out completely
    “He was all washed up after the exam”
    synonyms: beat, exhaust, tucker, tucker out
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    exhaust physically or emotionally
    exhaust by allowing to pull on the line
    tire out completely
    type of:
    fag, fag out, fatigue, jade, outwear, tire, tire out, wear, wear down, wear out, wear upon, weary
    exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress
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