If something's wanting, there's not enough of something necessary in it. If your essay is wanting, it's missing something important and won't get an A. Try adding body paragraphs.

If you forget the sugar in your chocolate chip cookies, you'll find them wanting when you taste them. Likewise, if your favorite team's defense is wanting, they're likely to lose the basketball game. Wanting, which was originally wantand, comes from the verb want, "to be lacking." This definition pre-dated the now more common "to wish for" by 500 years.

Definitions of wanting
  1. adjective
    inadequate in amount or degree
    “tested and found wanting
    synonyms: deficient, lacking
    inadequate, unequal
    lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task
  2. adjective
    synonyms: absent, lacking, missing
    not having existence or being or actuality
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