If something's lacking, there's not enough of it. Your new house may be lacking when it comes to comfortable chairs, leading your friends to lounge on the floor instead.

If there's a shortage of something, it's lacking. You might also describe something that's deficient — or not quite good enough — as lacking. If a substitute teacher is lacking in skill when it comes to controlling a rowdy class, he'll be exhausted by the end of his first day on the job. Finally, you can use this word in the sense of "absent": If your older brother's appetite is lacking, he might be coming down with something — usually he can eat an entire pizza on his own.

Definitions of lacking

adj inadequate in amount or degree

lacking in stamina”
deficient, wanting
inadequate, unequal
lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task

adj nonexistent

“her appetite was lacking
absent, missing, wanting
not having existence or being or actuality

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