A vista is a scene, view, or panorama. It's what you stop to see when you climb to the top of a mountain, or pull off the road at the "scenic view" rest stop.

Vista is an Italian word that means "sight" or "view." It's the same in Spanish and is related to the verb avistar, which means "to catch sight of." Hasta la vista! means, literally, "Until I see you!" (or, more simply, "See you later!"). As in Spain and Mexico, we like to name our towns after a vista: Buena Vista ("great scenery"), Chula Vista ("pleasant view"), and Rio Vista ("overlooking the river") are all places in California.

Definitions of vista

n the visual percept of a region

aspect, panorama, prospect, scene, view
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background, ground
the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground
the area within view
aspect resulting from the direction a building or window faces
the part of a scene that is near the viewer
a brief or incomplete view
middle distance
the part of a scene between the foreground and the background
side view
a view from the side of something
any dramatic scene
an outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side)
Type of:
visual image, visual percept
a percept that arises from the eyes; an image in the visual system

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