Something that's unswerving follows a direct path. Because an unswerving person or thing never turns aside, the word is also commonly used to describe steadfast loyalty, like a dog's unswerving devotion to its master.

The adjective unswerving often describes loyalty. Your best friend's unswerving loyalty to you, for example, feels secure and dependable — you know she'll always be there for you. You can also use the word more literally, when you talk about something moving in a straight, unswerving line, never making a turn or detour. The verb swerve is at the root of unswerving — originally, it meant "to depart," but by the fourteenth century its meaning was "to deviate from a straight course."

Definitions of unswerving
  1. adjective
    going directly ahead from one point to another without veering or turning aside
    “a straight and narrow tree-lined road unswerving across the lowlands”
    synonyms: undeviating
    direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short
  2. adjective
    firm and dependable, especially in loyalty
    unswerving devotion”
    unswerving allegiance”
    synonyms: staunch, steadfast
    steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection
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