If you're unsure, you don't feel confident. It's natural to feel unsure of yourself the very first time you read your poems in front of an audience.

When you feel unsure, you find yourself full of doubt. If you remember how unsure you felt on your first day of school, you may want to befriend that new kid who looks unsure about where to sit in class. You can be unsure of yourself, or unsure how to comfort your friend whose cat just died. When this word was originally used in the 15th century, it primarily meant "not safe from attack."

Definitions of unsure
  1. adjective
    lacking self-confidence
    “a very unsure young man”
    synonyms: diffident, shy, timid
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    having or marked by confidence or assurance
    marked by assurance; exhibiting confidence
    cocksure, overconfident, positive
    marked by excessive confidence
    having confidence restored; freed from anxiety
    self-assured, self-confident
    showing poise and confidence in your own worth
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  2. adjective
    lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance
    unsure of himself and his future”
    synonyms: incertain, uncertain
    uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
    doubtful, dubious
    fraught with uncertainty or doubt
    acting with uncertainty or hesitance or lack of confidence
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    certain, sure
    having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured
    confident, convinced, positive
    persuaded of; very sure
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