If you're confident you are sure about something, someone, or yourself. He was confident he could keep his balance and cross the river on the skinny log, but he wasn't so confident that the log was strong enough to hold him.

Confident is often a word of assurance. Someone may ask, "Are you sure that's the right way to do it?" and then, just to be assured, they might say, "So, you're confident that's the right wire to cut so the bomb doesn't blow?" Being really sure of something or being sure of yourself is being confident. "He held his head high, but not in an arrogant or show-off way; he was just confident about who he was. He liked himself."

Definitions of confident

adj having or marked by confidence or assurance

“a confident speaker”
“a confident reply”
“his manner is more confident these days”
confident of fulfillment”
marked by assurance; exhibiting confidence
cocksure, overconfident, positive
marked by excessive confidence
having confidence restored; freed from anxiety
self-assured, self-confident
showing poise and confidence in your own worth
diffident, shy, timid, unsure
lacking self-confidence

adj not liable to error in judgment or action

sure-footed, surefooted
(usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability

adj persuaded of; very sure

“was confident he would win”
convinced, positive
certain, sure
having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured

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