Anything that's under is beneath something else. Most of us wear socks under our shoes and stand under an umbrella in the pouring rain.

If you're under water, you are below its surface, and if you're in the room directly under your brother's, you'll hear the rhythmic thudding of his stereo directly above your head. This adverb has a variety of meanings, including "lesser in rank," like a corporal who's under a general, and "controlled by," as when you fall under the spell of a magician. You can also be "under the weather," or sick.

Definitions of under
  1. adverb
    below some quantity or limit
    “fifty dollars or under
  2. adverb
    below the horizon
    “the sun went under
  3. adverb
    down below
    “get under quickly!”
  4. adverb
    further down
    “see under for further discussion”
    synonyms: below
  5. adverb
    through a range downward
    “children six and under will be admitted free”
  6. adverb
    in or into a state of subordination or subjugation
    “we must keep our disappointment under
  7. adjective
    located below or beneath something else
    “the under parts of a machine”
    synonyms: nether
    literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension
  8. adjective
    lower in rank, power, or authority
    “an under secretary”
    low-level, subordinate
    lower in rank or importance
  9. adverb
    down to defeat, death, or ruin
    “their competitors went under
  10. adverb
    into unconsciousness
    “this will put the patient under
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