The nether part of something is the lowest part of it, the bottom. If you’re having, ahem, trouble in the toilet, you might want to go talk to the doc about your nether parts.

You might find the word nether in old books where "the nether world" could mean the world under the earth’s surface, like in Dante’s Inferno where he travels through hell, under the earth, before climbing up to paradise in the heavens. If you look closely you can hear the word nether in the word we normally use now: beneath.

Definitions of nether
  1. adjective
    “gnawed his nether lip”
    situated at the bottom or lowest position
  2. adjective
    located below or beneath something else
    nether garments”
    synonyms: under
    literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension
  3. adjective
    dwelling beneath the surface of the earth
    nether regions”
    synonyms: chthonian, chthonic
    being of the underworld
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