Anything uncommon is rare or unusual, like your uncommon last name, which all of your friends have trouble pronouncing.

When you add the prefix un- to common, "occurring or done often," you get its opposite, uncommon. The word's earliest meaning was "not possessed in common," or not owned by everyone, from another meaning of common, "shared by the community." These days, people almost always mean "exceptional" or "not likely" when they describe something as uncommon: "It's uncommon for people to win the lottery, so don't waste your money!"

Definitions of uncommon
  1. adjective
    not common or ordinarily encountered; unusually great in amount or remarkable in character or kind
    uncommon birds”
    “frost and floods are uncommon during these months”
    “doing an uncommon amount of business”
    “an uncommon liking for money”
    “he owed his greatest debt to his mother's uncommon character and ability”
    especial, exceptional, particular, special
    surpassing what is common or usual or expected
    not widely known; especially valued for its uncommonness
    red carpet, red-carpet
    special treatment or hospitality
    not commonly encountered
    out of the ordinary
    not usual or common or ordinary
    beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
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    having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual
    average, ordinary
    lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered
    democratic, popular
    representing or appealing to or adapted for the benefit of the people at large
    of or for the common people
    frequently encountered
    prevailing among and common to the general public
    of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental political and economic group
    commonly used or supplied
    occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure
    not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree
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  2. adjective
    marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind
    “an uncommon sense of humor”
    “she was kind to an uncommon degree”
    synonyms: rare
    beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
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