To unbalance is to make unsteady or uneven. A sudden gust of wind might unbalance you when you're on a sailboat — don't forget to wear a life jacket!

Throw something off balance, and you unbalance it. Tickling someone who's in a one-legged yoga stance will unbalance them, and leaning too far to one side will unbalance a new bike rider. You can also call this state of being out of kilter or wobbly unbalance: "The unbalance of the tightrope walker made me glad there was a net underneath him!" And figuratively, unbalance can also mean "disturb or upset."

Definitions of unbalance

v throw out of balance or equilibrium

“The tax relief unbalanced the budget”
“The prima donna unbalances the smooth work in our department”
balance, equilibrate, equilibrise, equilibrize
bring into balance or equilibrium
balance, poise
hold or carry in equilibrium
be in equilibrium
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v derange mentally, throw out of mental balance; make insane

“The death of his parents unbalanced him”
Type of:
craze, madden
cause to go crazy; cause to lose one's mind

n a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

imbalance, instability
a state of equilibrium
Type of:
loss of equilibrium attributable to an unstable situation in which some forces outweigh others

n a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

derangement, mental unsoundness
Type of:
relatively permanent disorder of the mind

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