If something is trifling it's really unimportant, of no consequence — "a trifling detail."

Everything is relative, of course, and what might appear trifling to one person may take on deep importance for another. Clues are classically trifling things. As Sherlock Holmes explains to Dr. Watson when faced with a seemingly minor detail: "It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles."

Definitions of trifling
  1. adjective
    not worth considering
    “a trifling matter”
    synonyms: negligible, paltry
    lacking in usefulness or value
  2. noun
    the deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working
    synonyms: dalliance, dawdling
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    type of:
    delay, holdup
    the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time
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