When something is meaningless or insignificant because it is so little, it's negligible. The amount of interest you'll get on your savings is negligible, so you might as well spend your money.

If you work really hard on something, but the praise you get for it is negligible, you won't try so hard next time. Besides meaning very small, negligible can mean unimportant or not worth paying attention to. If you get into a fender-bender, you've gotten into a car accident with negligible damage. School concert programs always offer a word of thanks to the principal and other members of the administration whose role in the concert seems to be negligible.

Definitions of negligible
  1. adjective
    so small as to be meaningless; insignificant
    “the effect was negligible
    minimal, minimum
    the least possible
  2. adjective
    not worth considering
    synonyms: paltry, trifling
    lacking in usefulness or value
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