A tomb is a place where a dead person is buried. Usually, a tomb is under a tombstone, which says the name of the person who died and when they lived.

We're all going to die, and that means we're all going to end up in some type of tomb: a place where a corpse is buried. Over time, there have been many types of tombs, including the huge, ornate, elaborate tombs of the Egyptians. Other tombs are simpler, involving the simple burial of a box or the cremated remains.

Definitions of tomb

n a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone)

Holy Sepulcher
the sepulcher in which Christ's body lay between burial and resurrection
Mausoleum at Halicarnasus
a white marble mausoleum 140 feet high built in 352 BC at Halicarnassus as a memorial to a king; destroyed in 1402
Taj Mahal
beautiful mausoleum at Agra built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan (completed in 1649) in memory of his favorite wife
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burial chamber, sepulcher, sepulchre, sepulture
a chamber that is used as a grave
mastaba, mastabah
an ancient Egyptian mud-brick tomb with a rectangular base and sloping sides and flat roof
a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church)
a large burial chamber, usually above ground
monument, repository
a burial vault (usually for some famous person)
burial vault, vault
a burial chamber (usually underground)
Type of:
place, spot, topographic point
a point located with respect to surface features of some region

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