In India, a tiffin is a meal eaten any time between breakfast and dinner. The round metal lunchbox it often comes in is also called a tiffin, and it's a handy container for packing a hot lunch.

During the period of British rule in India, the British custom of afternoon tea merged with the Indian custom of a light afternoon meal. It came to be called tiffin, after the English slang tiffing, "to take a little drink." In Northern India, tiffin is basically lunch, often one packed in a tiered metal lunchbox also called a tiffin. People who sell pre-packed tiffins are called tiffin wallahs or dabbawalas.

Definitions of tiffin
  1. noun
    a midday meal
    synonyms: dejeuner, lunch, luncheon
    see moresee less
    business lunch
    lunch (usually at a restaurant) where business is discussed and the cost is charged as a business expense
    type of:
    meal, repast
    the food served and eaten at one time
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