Lunch is the meal you eat in the middle of the day. If you only have a short lunch break during your school or work day, you might quickly eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The size of your lunch depends on what country you live in. In the US, most people eat a small lunch and a larger dinner at the end of the day. The word is a somewhat fancy verb, too: "Shall we lunch at the club, or have the cook make us something at home?" Lunch is a shortened version of luncheon, which may stem from the earlier dialectical lunch, "hunk of bread and cheese."

Definitions of lunch
  1. noun
    a midday meal
    synonyms: dejeuner, luncheon, tiffin
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    business lunch
    lunch (usually at a restaurant) where business is discussed and the cost is charged as a business expense
    type of:
    meal, repast
    the food served and eaten at one time
  2. verb
    take the midday meal
    “At what time are you lunching?”
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    type of:
    eat a meal; take a meal
  3. verb
    provide a midday meal for
    “She lunched us well”
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    type of:
    feed, give
    give food to
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