Stillness is a calm, quiet, motionless state. As you look out at the lake, the stillness of the water is a sign that you should take out the canoe rather than the sailboat.

When there's stillness, you can hear very few sounds and see very little movement. The stillness of a quiet mountain cabin may be just the escape you need from the busy, noisy city — although you may find that stillness to be a little spooky at night. You can also use this word for a more specific example of motionlessness: "The butterfly's stillness allowed me to get a good look at its beautiful wings."

Definitions of stillness
  1. noun
    (poetic) tranquil silence
    synonyms: hush, still
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    type of:
    quiet, silence
    the absence of sound
  2. noun
    calmness without winds
    synonyms: windlessness
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    type of:
    an absence of strong winds or rain
  3. noun
    a state of no motion or movement
    synonyms: lifelessness, motionlessness
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    a state of change
    fixedness, immobility, stationariness
    remaining in place
    fixedness by or as if by roots
    type of:
    the way something is with respect to its main attributes
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