Definitions of fixedness
  1. noun
    remaining in place
    synonyms: immobility, stationariness
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    fixedness by or as if by roots
    type of:
    lifelessness, motionlessness, stillness
    a state of no motion or movement
  2. noun
    the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
    synonyms: fastness, fixity, fixture, secureness
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    the quality of movability by virtue of being free from attachment or other restraints
    lodgement, lodging, lodgment
    the state or quality of being lodged or fixed even temporarily
    type of:
    immovability, immovableness
    not capable of being moved or rearranged
  3. noun
    the quality of being fixed and unchangeable
    “the fixedness of his gaze upset her”
    synonyms: unalterability
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    type of:
    changelessness, unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness
    the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
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