When you stash something, you stow it away to use it later. Your little brother might stash his Halloween candy under his bed, for example.

Use the word stash as a verb that means "hoard" or "stockpile," or as a noun — a pirate's secret pile of gold doubloons can be called a stash, and so can the collection of overdue library books you've got piled beside your bed. The verb version of stash was originally a late 1700's criminals' slang word meaning "conceal." It may have come from a combination of stow and cache.

Definitions of stash

v save up as for future use

cache, hive up, hoard, lay away, squirrel away
Type of:
lay aside, save, save up
accumulate money for future use

n a secret store of valuables or money

cache, hoard
Type of:
fund, stock, store
a supply of something available for future use

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