If you reject your mother's offer to buy you a pair of lederhosen with a snort and eye roll, you are spurning her generosity. To spurn means to reject with disdain.

Originally, to spurn was to kick away. Though it's not used in that context so often anymore, being spurned still feels like a kick in the gut. You can reject someone kindly, or let them down easily, but you can't spurn someone with anything but malice.

Definitions of spurn

v reject with contempt

“She spurned his advances”
disdain, freeze off, pooh-pooh, reject, scorn, turn down
decline, pass up, refuse, reject, turn down
refuse to accept
refuse, reject, turn away, turn down
refuse entrance or membership
rebuff, repel, snub
reject outright and bluntly
Type of:
decline, refuse
show unwillingness towards

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