Put simply, your sovereign is your king or queen. George III was the sovereign of Great Britain and her colonies — including the American ones. At least he was until a little thing called the Revolutionary War upset everything.

Sovereign as an adjective can be used to indicate the ultimate power of a state, whether a monarchy or not, as in "Peru exercised its sovereign rights to all minerals within its borders." A sovereign is also a British gold coin with a face value of one pound sterling (with the monarch's face on it). But don't sell it for a pound, because it's worth its weight in gold — quite literally — which is a lot more than a pound is worth.

Definitions of sovereign

n a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right

crowned head, monarch
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a member of the Capetian dynasty
Carlovingian, Carolingian
a member of the Carolingian dynasty
czar, tsar, tzar
a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)
the male ruler of an empire
Rex, king, male monarch
a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
a member of the Merovingian dynasty
Shah, Shah of Iran
title for the former hereditary monarch of Iran
a woman emperor or the wife of an emperor
Holy Roman Emperor
sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire
the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918
King of England, King of Great Britain
the sovereign ruler of England
King of France
the sovereign ruler of France
King of the Germans
the sovereign ruler of the Germans
mikado, tenno
the emperor of Japan; when regarded as a religious leader the emperor is called tenno
Emperor of Rome, Roman Emperor
sovereign of the Roman Empire
Romanoff, Romanov
a member of the imperial family that ruled Russia
Type of:
chief of state, head of state
the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
ruler, swayer
a person who rules or commands

adj (of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces

“a sovereign state”
autonomous, independent, self-governing
able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint

adj greatest in status or authority or power

exercising influence or control

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