1. slush fund a fund for buying votes or bribing public officials
  2. slush around spill or splash copiously or clumsily
  3. slosh around spill or splash copiously or clumsily
  4. profound situated at or extending to great depth
  5. definitely without question and beyond doubt
  6. Superfund the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide; administered by the Environmental Protection Agency
  7. sleight of hand manual dexterity in the execution of tricks
  8. Scilly Islands an archipelago of small islands off the southwestern coast of England near the entrance to the English Channel; formerly a haven for smugglers and pirates
  9. escrow funds funds held in escrow
  10. solvent capable of meeting financial obligations
  11. matching funds funds that will be supplied in an amount matching the funds available from other sources
  12. stephanotis any of various evergreen climbing shrubs of the genus Stephanotis having fragrant waxy flowers
  13. male chauvinist a man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women
  14. Superfund site a site where toxic wastes have been dumped and the Environmental Protection Agency has designated them to be cleaned up
  15. sales event an occasion for buying at specially reduced prices
  16. sulfonate a salt of sulphonic acid
  17. slashing as if striking with slashing blows
  18. slave ant any of various ants captured as larvae and enslaved by another species
  19. slantways at a slant
  20. sea lavender any of various plants of the genus Limonium of temperate salt marshes having spikes of white or mauve flowers