To slouch is to sit or stand with your shoulders hunched. Most people are more likely to slouch when they're tired or bored.

You might tend to slouch in math class but sit up straight and tall when your favorite art teacher invites you to enter a piece in an art show. Your math class posture can itself be described as a slouch as well. Yet another meaning of slouch is a person who's lazy or useless — this is actually the word's original definition, from the 1500's. It's thought to be rooted in the Old Norse word slokr, "lazy fellow."

Definitions of slouch

v assume a drooping posture or carriage

Type of:
droop, flag, sag, swag
droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

v walk slovenly

Type of:
use one's feet to advance; advance by steps

n a stooping carriage in standing and walking

Type of:
bearing, carriage, posture
characteristic way of bearing one's body

n an incompetent person; usually used in negative constructions

“he's no slouch when it comes to baseball”
Type of:
incompetent, incompetent person
someone who is not competent to take effective action

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