Skepticism is doubt about something — you're just not convinced or can't totally believe it. If your brother is only four feet tall, you should view his claims that he can slam dunk a basketball with a lot of skepticism.

If you like to poke holes in other people's ideas, then you are full of skepticism. Some people follow a specific belief system that questions the truth of anything, but most people save their skepticism for certain things. Tabloids, Big Foot sightings, and over-eager used car salesmen should all be viewed with a little skepticism. On the other hand, gullible folks believe everything they hear and don't have much, if any, skepticism.

Definitions of skepticism
  1. noun
    doubt about the truth of something
  2. noun
    the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge
    synonyms: agnosticism, scepticism
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    type of:
    disbelief, unbelief
    a rejection of belief
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