Definitions of severeness
  1. noun
    excessive sternness
  2. noun
    extreme plainness
    synonyms: austereness, austerity, severity
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    type of:
    the appearance of being plain and unpretentious
  3. noun
    something hard to endure
    synonyms: asperity, grimness, hardship, rigor, rigorousness, rigour, rigourousness, severity
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    the quality (as of scenery) being grim and gloomy and forbidding
    type of:
    difficultness, difficulty
    the quality of being difficult
  4. noun
    used of the degree of something undesirable e.g. pain or weather
    synonyms: badness, severity
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    foulness, raininess
    (of weather) the badness of the weather
    distressfulness, seriousness
    the quality of arousing fear or distress
    type of:
    intensity, intensiveness
    high level or degree; the property of being intense
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