Definitions of sepsis

n the presence of pus-forming bacteria or their toxins in the blood or tissues

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blood poisoning, septicaemia, septicemia
invasion of the bloodstream by virulent microorganisms from a focus of infection
sapraemia, sapremia
blood poisoning caused by putrefactive bacteria; results from eating putrefied matter
childbed fever, puerperal fever
serious form of septicemia contracted by a woman during childbirth or abortion (usually attributable to unsanitary conditions); formerly widespread but now uncommon
pyaemia, pyemia
septicemia caused by pus-forming bacteria being released from an abscess
toxaemia, toxemia
blood poisoning caused by bacterial toxic substances in the blood
fowl cholera
an acute diarrheal disease (especially of chickens) caused by the microorganism that causes hemorrhagic septicemia
shipping fever, shipping pneumonia
a deadly form of septicemia in cattle and sheep; involves high fever and pneumonia; contracted under conditions of exposure or exhaustion (as often happens when the animals are shipped to market)
Type of:
the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms

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