Senility refers to mental deterioration that often comes with old age, as in severe memory problems. If you find your shoes in the fridge or accidentally call your son by the dog's name, you may wonder if senility is kicking in.

Senility is related to the word senile, which itself is from the Latin word senilis, meaning "old age." There are subtle differences between senility and Alzheimer's disease, which causes memory loss as well as emotional and behavioral changes. If you suspect someone you care about is experiencing senility or Alzheimer's disease, you should consult a physician because treatments may be available to help slow the process.

Definitions of senility
  1. noun
    the state of being senile
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    type of:
    the opposite of youngness
  2. noun
    mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations
    synonyms: dotage, second childhood
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    type of:
    age, eld, geezerhood, old age, years
    a late time of life
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