When you're sad, you feel unhappy. If you've ever experienced the death of a pet you loved deeply, you know exactly what it means to feel sad.

You might use the adjective sad informally to describe something that's pathetic or that you feel scornful or disdainful about. For example, you might comment on your friend's elaborate homemade hat by saying, "That hat is just sad," though it wouldn't be very nice of you to say it. The term "sad sack" became popular during World War II and has been used ever since to refer to an incompetent, slightly pitiful person.

Definitions of sad
  1. adjective
    experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness
    “feeling sad because his dog had died”
    “"Better by far that you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad"- Christina Rossetti”
    tinged with sadness
    doleful, mournful
    filled with or evoking sadness
    melancholic, melancholy
    characterized by or causing or expressing sadness
    pensive, wistful
    showing pensive sadness
    tragic, tragical
    very sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction
    tragicomic, tragicomical
    manifesting both tragic and comic aspects
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    showing or causing joy and pleasure; especially made happy
    being full of or promoting cheer; having or showing good spirits
    experiencing or expressing gladness or joy
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  2. adjective
    of things that make you feel sad
    sad news”
    “she doesn't like sad movies”
    “it was a very sad story”
    “"When I am dead, my dearest, / Sing no sad songs for me"- Christina Rossetti”
    experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss
  3. adjective
    bad; unfortunate
    “her clothes were in sad shape”
    synonyms: deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sorry
    having undesirable or negative qualities
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