Something that's lamentable is unfortunate. If your basketball team gets killed in the final game, you could call it a lamentable way for the season to end.

Something that's not satisfactory can be described as lamentable, like a high school art room equipped with only crayons and construction paper. A person's inappropriate behavior could also be considered lamentable — whether it's the cruel words of a bully or your lack of preparation for an important speech. The Latin word lamentationem is at the root of lamentable, and it means "wailing, moaning, or weeping." If a situation is bad enough to make you cry, it's lamentable.

Definitions of lamentable
  1. adjective
    bad; unfortunate
    “a lamentable decision”
    synonyms: deplorable, distressing, pitiful, sad, sorry
    having undesirable or negative qualities
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