When you raise a ruckus you make a lot of noise. A ruckus can be the sound of an argument, the noise of soccer fans celebrating a victory, or it could be two-year-olds banging on pots and pans.

Ruckus sounds like what it means — loud and maybe a little rowdy. A ruckus is the uproar you cause when you noisily protest the new cafeteria menu or a bad call against your favorite team. Cats fighting outside your window in the middle of the night could also cause a ruckus. You can also raise a quiet ruckus with your letters to the editor or silent sit-ins that instantly go viral.

Definitions of ruckus

n the act of making a noisy disturbance

commotion, din, ruction, rumpus, tumult
ado, bustle, flurry, fuss, hustle, stir
a rapid active commotion
Type of:
the act of disturbing something or someone; setting something in motion

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