If something is romantic, it isn't very practical, like the librarian's romantic dream of convincing every person in town to read a book a week for life — a great idea that probably isn't possible.

To be romantic about something can mean that you overlook its flaws and shortcomings. If your romantic ideal is growing all of your own food on a secluded farm, you are probably ignoring the tremendous amount of hard work it will require. Or, if you are romantic about love, you believe the perfect person is out there and in finding one another, all the problems and difficulties of life will melt away.

Definitions of romantic
  1. adjective
    expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance
    “a romantic adventure”
    “a romantic moonlight ride”
    synonyms: amatory, amorous
    feeling or showing love and affection
  2. noun
    a soulful or amorous idealist
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    type of:
    dreamer, idealist
    someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations
  3. adjective
    belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts
    romantic poetry”
    synonyms: romanticist, romanticistic
  4. adjective
    not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
    “a romantic disregard for money”
    synonyms: quixotic, wild-eyed
    not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters
  5. noun
    an artist of the Romantic Movement or someone influenced by Romanticism
    synonyms: romanticist
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    an artistic person who adheres to classicism
    type of:
    artist, creative person
    a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
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