A rind is a thick, inedible peel. You'll have to remove the rind of your orange before you eat it.

Most rinds occur naturally, growing to cover and protect a fruit or a plant. You can also call the thick, waxy covering on a wheel of cheese a rind, or the inedible skin on a sausage or another food. The Old English root rinde originally meant "bark or crust," and later also "peel of a fruit or vegetable."

Definitions of rind

n the natural outer covering of food (usually removed before eating)

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bacon rind
the rind of bacon
peel, skin
the rind of a fruit or vegetable
cheese rind
the rind of a cheese
the outer skin of a potato
banana peel, banana skin
the skin of a banana (especially when it is stripped off and discarded)
lemon peel, lemon rind
the rind of a lemon
orange peel, orange rind
the rind of an orange
Type of:
material, stuff
the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object

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