Did you just say that you could toss a rubber chicken over an ocean? Don’t be ridiculous, because ridiculous words are hard to believe, and they will make others laugh at you, not always in a good way either.

The adjective ridiculous comes from the Latin word ridere, which means “to laugh,” but it’s also related to the word ridicule, which means to mock in a cruel way. A mocking and cruel laughter, that’s a common reaction to ridiculous situations. However, there are all different kinds of ridiculous, like seeing a fish holding an umbrella while riding a bike.

Definitions of ridiculous
  1. adjective
    incongruous;inviting ridicule
    “her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous
    synonyms: absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous
    devoid of good sense or judgment
  2. adjective
    inspiring scornful pity
    synonyms: pathetic, silly
    lacking dignity
  3. adjective
    broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce
    synonyms: farcical, ludicrous
    humorous, humourous
    full of or characterized by humor
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