reptile genus

Definitions of reptile genus
  1. noun
    a genus of reptiles
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    Chelonia, genus Chelonia
    green turtles
    Caretta, genus Caretta
    loggerhead turtles
    Lepidochelys, genus Lepidochelys
    Eretmochelys, genus Eretmochelys
    Dermochelys, genus Dermochelys
    type genus of the Dermochelyidae: leatherback turtles
    Chelydra, genus Chelydra
    snapping turtles
    Macroclemys, genus Macroclemys
    includes the alligator snapping turtle
    Kinosternon, genus Kinosternon
    type genus of the Kinosternidae
    Sternotherus, genus Sternotherus
    musk turtles
    Malaclemys, genus Malaclemys
    American terrapins
    Pseudemys, genus Pseudemys
    sliders; red-bellied terrapin
    Terrapene, genus Terrapene
    box turtles
    Chrysemys, genus Chrysemys
    painted turtles
    Testudo, genus Testudo
    type genus of the Testudinidae
    Geochelone, genus Geochelone
    giant tortoises
    Gopherus, genus Gopherus
    gopher tortoises
    Xerobates, genus Xerobates
    possible new genus for desert and Texas tortoises based on recent research
    Trionyx, genus Trionyx
    type genus of the Trionychidae
    Sphenodon, genus Sphenodon
    coextensive with the order Rhynchocephalia: tuataras
    Ptychozoon, genus Ptychozoon
    flying geckos
    Coleonyx, genus Coleonyx
    banded geckos
    Pygopus, genus Pygopus
    type genus of the Pygopodidae; snake-shaped pleurodont lizard with no forelimbs and only rudimentary hind limbs
    genus Iguana
    type genus of the Iguanidae
    Amblyrhynchus, genus Amblyrhynchus
    marine iguanas
    Dipsosaurus, genus Dipsosaurus
    desert iguanas
    Sauromalus, genus Sauromalus
    Callisaurus, genus Callisaurus
    zebra-tailed lizard
    Uma, genus Uma
    fringe-toed lizard
    Holbrookia, genus Holbrookia
    earless lizards
    Crotaphytus, genus Crotaphytus
    collared lizards
    Gambelia, genus Gambelia
    leopard lizards
    Sceloporus, genus Sceloporus
    spiny lizards
    Uta, genus Uta
    a reptile genus of Iguanidae
    Urosaurus, genus Urosaurus
    a reptile genus of Iguanidae
    Phrynosoma, genus Phrynosoma
    horned lizards
    Basiliscus, genus Basiliscus
    a reptile genus of Iguanidae
    Anolis, genus Anolis
    New World chameleons
    Amphisbaena, Amphisbaenia, genus Amphisbaena, genus Amphisbaenia
    type genus of the Amphisbaenidae
    Scincus, genus Scincus
    type genus of Scincidae
    Scincella, genus Scincella
    a reptile genus of Scincidae
    Eumeces, genus Eumeces
    New World skinks
    Cordylidae, family Cordylidae
    small family of spiny ovoviviparous African lizards
    Cordylus, genus Cordylus
    type genus of the Cordylidae; spiny lizards somewhat resembling tiny crocodiles
    Cnemidophorus, genus Cnemidophorus
    Tupinambis, genus Tupinambis
    genus Agama
    type genus of the Agamidae
    Chlamydosaurus, genus Chlamydosaurus
    frilled lizards
    Draco, genus Draco
    a reptile genus known as flying dragons or flying lizards
    genus Moloch
    genus of Australian desert lizard
    Gerrhonotus, genus Gerrhonotus
    alligator lizards
    Anguis, genus Anguis
    type genus of the Anguidae: blindworms
    Ophisaurus, genus Ophisaurus
    glass lizards
    Xenosaurus, genus Xenosaurus
    type and sole genus of Xenosauridae: slender-bodied Mexican lizards having the upper surface covered with tiny granules and tubercles
    Lanthanotus, genus Lanthanotus
    one species
    Heloderma, genus Heloderma
    type genus of the Helodermatidae; American venomous lizards
    Lacerta, genus Lacerta
    type genus of the Lacertidae
    Chamaeleo, genus Chamaeleo, genus Chamaeleon
    type genus of the Chamaeleontidae
    Varanus, genus Varanus
    type and sole extant genus of the Varanidae
    Saurosuchus, genus Saurosuchus
    early archosaurian carnivore
    Proterochampsa, genus Proterochampsa
    early archosaurian carnivore
    Crocodilus, Crocodylus, genus Crocodilus, genus Crocodylus
    type genus of the Crocodylidae
    Tomistoma, genus Tomistoma
    a genus of Malayan crocodiles
    genus Alligator
    type genus of the Alligatoridae
    genus Caiman
    Gavialis, genus Gavialis
    type genus of the Gavialidae
    genus Pisanosaurus
    primitive ornithischian dinosaur found in Argentina; early Triassic
    genus Staurikosaurus
    primitive ornithischian dinosaur found in Brazil
    genus Stegosaurus
    quadrupedal armored herbivore of the Jurassic and Cretaceous
    genus Ankylosaurus
    armored herbivorous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous
    genus Protoceratops
    small horned dinosaurs
    genus Triceratops
    genus of herbivorous horned dinosaurs
    genus Styracosaurus
    genus of horned dinosaurs
    genus Psittacosaurus
    most primitive genus of horned dinosaurs; early Cretaceous
    genus Anatotitan
    genus of large duck-billed dinosaurs; late Cretaceous
    genus Corythosaurus
    genus of duck-billed dinosaurs of late Cretaceous
    genus Edmontosaurus
    duck-billed dinosaurs of Canada
    genus Trachodon
    a reptile genus of the suborder Euronithopoda
    genus Iguanodon
    type genus of the Iguanodontidae
    genus Apatosaurus, genus Brontosaurus
    large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs with very long neck and tail; late Jurassic
    genus Barosaurus
    huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur; late Jurassic
    genus Diplodocus
    a reptile genus of the suborder Sauropoda
    Titanosaurus, genus Titanosaurus
    genus of herbivorous dinosaurs flourishing during the Cretaceous in South America
    Seismosaurus, genus Seismosaurus
    genus of large herbivorous dinosaurs of Cretaceous found in western North America
    genus Ceratosaurus
    primitive saurischian carnivorous dinosaurs
    genus Coelophysis
    late Triassic carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs
    genus Tyrannosaurus
    includes a single species
    genus Allosaurus, genus Antrodemus
    carnivorous dinosaur of North America; late Jurassic
    genus Compsognathus
    a reptile genus of Theropoda
    genus Herrerasaurus
    primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
    genus Eoraptor
    primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
    genus Megalosaurus
    type genus of the Megalosauridae
    genus Struthiomimus
    small toothless saurischian dinosaurs; later Cretaceous period in Canada
    genus Deinocheirus
    a reptile genus of Ornithomimida
    genus Velociraptor
    advanced carnivorous theropod
    genus Deinonychus
    advanced bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
    genus Utahraptor
    advanced bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
    genus Mononychus
    authorities disagree over whether to classify the genus as bird or dinosaur
    Chronoperates, genus Chronoperates
    a reptile genus of Therapsida
    Exaeretodon, genus Exaeretodon
    a genus of reptiles of the division Cynodontia
    Ischigualastia, genus Ischigualastia
    early reptile found in Argentina
    genus Edaphosaurus
    type genus of the Edaphosauridae
    genus Dimetrodon
    a reptile genus of Pelycosauria
    Pterodactylus, genus Pterodactylus
    a reptile genus of Pterodactylidae
    genus Ichthyosaurus
    type genus of the Ichthyosauridae
    genus Stenopterygius
    a reptile genus of Ichthyosauridae
    genus Plesiosaurus
    a reptile genus of suborder Plesiosauria
    genus Nothosaurus
    a genus of Nothosauria
    Carphophis, genus Carphophis
    thunder snake
    Diadophis, genus Diadophis
    a genus of reptiles of the family Colubridae including ringneck snakes
    Heterodon, genus Heterodon
    a genus of small colubrid snakes containing the North American hognose snakes
    Phyllorhynchus, genus Phyllorhynchus
    leaf-nosed snakes
    Opheodrys, genus Opheodrys
    North American green snakes
    Chlorophis, genus Chlorophis
    African green snakes
    Coluber, genus Coluber
    Masticophis, genus Masticophis
    whip snakes
    Elaphe, genus Elaphe
    North American rat snakes
    Ptyas, genus Ptyas
    Asian rat snakes
    Arizona, genus Arizona
    glossy snake
    Pituophis, genus Pituophis
    bull snakes
    Lampropeltis, genus Lampropeltis
    king snakes and milk snakes
    Thamnophis, genus Thamnophis
    garter snakes
    Tropidoclonion, genus Tropidoclonion
    lined snakes
    Sonora, genus Sonora
    ground snakes
    Potamophis, genus Potamophis
    ground snakes
    Haldea, genus Haldea
    ground snakes
    Natrix, genus Natrix
    water snakes; a cosmopolitan genus
    Nerodia, genus Nerodia
    North American water snakes
    Storeria, genus Storeria
    a genus of Colubridae
    Chilomeniscus, genus Chilomeniscus
    sand snakes
    Tantilla, genus Tantilla
    black-headed snakes
    Oxybelis, genus Oxybelis
    vine snakes
    Trimorphodon, genus Trimorphodon
    lyre snakes
    Hypsiglena, genus Hypsiglena
    night snakes
    Leptotyphlops, genus Leptotyphlops
    blind snakes of Asia and Africa and Americas
    Drymarchon, genus Drymarchon
    a genus of Colubridae
    Charina, genus Charina
    boas of western North America
    Lichanura, genus Lichanura
    boas of western North America
    Eunectes, genus Eunectes
    genus Python
    Old World boas
    Micrurus, genus Micrurus
    coral snakes
    Micruroides, genus Micruroides
    coral snakes
    Calliophis, Callophis, genus Calliophis, genus Callophis
    Asian coral snakes
    Aspidelaps, genus Aspidelaps
    African coral snakes
    Rhynchoelaps, genus Rhynchoelaps
    Australian coral snakes
    Denisonia, genus Denisonia
    Naja, genus Naja
    Ophiophagus, genus Ophiophagus
    king cobra
    Hemachatus, genus Hemachatus
    Dendraspis, Dendroaspis, genus Dendraspis, genus Dendroaspis
    Acanthophis, genus Acanthophis
    Australian elapid snakes
    Notechis, genus Notechis
    tiger snakes
    Pseudechis, genus Pseudechis
    venomous Australian blacksnakes
    Bungarus, genus Bungarus
    Oxyuranus, genus Oxyuranus
    Vipera, genus Vipera
    type genus of the Viperidae
    Bitis, genus Bitis
    a genus of Viperidae
    Aspis, genus Aspis, genus Cerastes
    horned vipers
    Agkistrodon, Ancistrodon, genus Agkistrodon, genus Ancistrodon
    Crotalus, genus Crotalus
    large rattlesnakes; seldom bite unless startled or pursuing prey
    Sistrurus, genus Sistrurus
    pygmy rattlesnakes
    Bothrops, genus Bothrops
    type of:
    (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
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