Other forms: repletions

Repletion is a condition of being completely full of something. Your repletion at the end of a meal probably means you'll skip dessert.

Repletion is experienced by people who are full or satisfied by the amount of food they've eaten, but it can also describe other kinds of fullness. You might have a satisfied sense of repletion after being showered with praise — in other words, you're feeling utterly satiated with compliments. Being replete means being full, filled, or well-supplied, and both words come from a Latin root, repletus, or "filled."

Definitions of repletion
  1. noun
    the state of being satisfactorily full and unable to take on more
    synonyms: satiation, satiety
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    type of:
    the condition of being filled to capacity
  2. noun
    eating until excessively full
    synonyms: surfeit
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    type of:
    eating, feeding
    the act of consuming food
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