Renown is fame and acclaim — the kind of celebrity that most people only dream about. Renown is not only about celebrity, though; it also means being highly respected in one's field.

Actors, musicians, and artists practice their art, sometimes for many years, to gain the kind of renown, or fame, that will launch their faces onto the covers of magazines and make their name known in every household. Greta Garbo, Luciano Pavarotti, and Salvador Dali all became renowned in their respective fields. They won numerous awards, and who isn't familiar with their names? Even things or places can achieve renown if they offer something worth celebrating. An ice cream parlor can become renowned for its incredible mint chip ice cream, or a bank can be renowned for its excellent customer service.

Definitions of renown
  1. noun
    the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
    synonyms: celebrity, fame
    see moresee less
    infamy, opprobrium
    a state of extreme dishonor
    type of:
    honor, honour, laurels
    the state of being honored
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