Fame is what you have if you're a celebrity: a lot of people know who you are. A musician's fame might mean she wears sunglasses and a baseball cap to disguise herself when she's in public.

Movie stars, rock stars, well-known public figures — these are all people who have achieved some amount of fame. You may have a kind of fame in a much smaller sphere: "She won every spelling bee in the state, which gave her some fame at her school." Fame is an Old French word that means "reputation or renown," from the Latin fama, "rumor, reputation, or renown," and also "ill-fame" or "scandal."

Definitions of fame

n the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

celebrity, renown
infamy, opprobrium
a state of extreme dishonor
Type of:
honor, honour, laurels
the state of being honored

n favorable public reputation

evil fame or public reputation
Type of:
reputation, repute
the state of being held in high esteem and honor

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