To regress is to return to a former state or condition, and not usually in a good way. It often means "relapse" or "get worse."

First used in the late 14th century as a noun meaning "act of going back," regress originates from the Latin regress, meaning "a return." Many feel that the regress to anti-social behavior among teenagers is caused by violent video games, TV shows, and movies. A 30 year old forced to move back home may regress to old, childlike habits. It can also happen to someone's health, like when the condition of someone in recovery takes a turn for the worse.

Definitions of regress

v go back to a previous state

retrovert, return, revert, turn back
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fall back, lapse, recidivate, relapse, retrogress
go back to bad behavior
return to the original position or state after being stretched or compressed
go back, recover, recuperate
regain a former condition after a financial loss
rally, rebound
return to a former condition
Type of:
change by reversal, reverse, turn
change to the contrary

v get worse or fall back to a previous condition

retrograde, retrogress
advance, come along, come on, get along, get on, progress, shape up
develop in a positive way
drop off, fall back, fall behind, lose, recede
Type of:
decline, worsen
grow worse

v go back to bad behavior

fall back, lapse, recidivate, relapse, retrogress
Type of:
retrovert, return, revert, turn back
go back to a previous state

v go back to a statistical means

Type of:
undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature

n returning to a former state

regression, retrogression, retroversion, reversion
Type of:
a change from one state to the opposite state

n the reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence

reasoning backward
Type of:
abstract thought, logical thinking, reasoning
thinking that is coherent and logical

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